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45 Years of Personalized Investment Advice and Service

We are pleased to announce Heather Flick McMeekin joined Mitchell Sinkler & Starr as a portfolio manager on January 26, 2015.

Founded in 1969 and based in Philadelphia, the experts at Mitchell Sinkler & Starr provide investment services to individuals and families, trusts and estates, as well as foundations and non-profit organizations.

Independent and employee-owned, our goal-based investment advice is tailored to the unique objectives of each client. Our personalized approach provides our clients with realistic, long-term investing expectations and leads to long-term relationships.

Putting Our Clients’ Investment Needs First

Held to a Higher Standard

Mitchell Sinkler & Starr's experienced portfolio managers provide tailored investment advice for clients throughout the United States and several foreign countries. In many cases, we manage accounts for multiple generations of extended families. As an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are held to the highest ethical and fiduciary standards. We are paid for our services only by our clients and only invest on an account-by-account basis. Each client's assets stand alone and are never commingled with other accounts.

Putting Our Clients’ Investment Needs First

Understanding Every Client

Mitchell Sinkler & Starr's portfolio managers build long-term relationships with their clients based on a foundation of trust, communication, service, and sound investment advice. For most clients, investing and growing assets over time is not simply a matter of facts and figures. Whether the goal is to pay for retirement or fund a grandchild's education, many non-financial issues – emotions, aspirations – become part of the conversation. This collaborative planning is a key contributor to our clients' long-term success in reaching their goals.

“Several generations of clients have trusted us to help them achieve their long-term
investing goals”

An Integrated Investment Philosophy and Process

We are long-term investors. However, our clients typically have more than one account invested with us and often have short-, intermediate-, and long-term investing goals and objectives. Therefore, our process begins with understanding the specific needs of each client and each account. Working collaboratively, we help define each account's goals, time horizon, income requirements, and risk tolerance. The resultant diversified portfolios are then constructed primarily with an appropriate mix of high-quality individual stocks, bonds, and money market funds.

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